Some days that’s what I think this blog should be called.  I started this blog a few years ago then decided it wasn’t for me.  I was too complicated to write on mainly one subject.  My life isn’t one subject and I wasn’t interested in a purely academic blog.  But, I’m going to start again.  In part, because I have so enjoyed and learned from some other blogs.  Our Own Road is one that I have learned a lot from in the last 6 months.  Someone different from me, yet, similar.


At present, I am sitting at my computer looking out of my living room window.  It’s by far the best living room window I’ve ever had.  That’s because most of the tall, wide space is filled up with mountains.  A view of the mountains and valley of the little town I live in, Edneyville.  We are in the so-called Western North Carolina mountains.  I can see spots of fog, spots of smoke coming out of people’s wood-heated homes on this unusually cold late March morning.  In the lower part of the window, a red-headed woodpecker and some other smaller birds are enjoying breakfast on one of our bird feeders.  My kids are asleep, the dog is moving around in her crate and four yellow, chirping, White Leghorn chicks are fluttering around in a lighted aquarium sitting on top of a bookcase not far from me.  Ham and beans cooked all night in the crockpot and the house is full of the smell. 


I’m trying to decide whether to put my dream property on the market to sell or not.  And whether I should be afraid that N.C. voters as a whole will make to many risky decisions and ruin our economy and, whether I should move to a state that will be more conservative.  I’ve often wished God would communicate more clearly with me.  Like, a short directive in skywriting, for example.  “Do this, do that”.  Since I can’t have that, I have to read, think, wait, consult and pray.


I didn’t get married until late in life.  Seems like everything has either come early or late for me.  Now, not ideal, I’ve been separated for a long time and am waiting on my divorce to be completed.  Not on the agenda, not part of my plan.  But “it is what it is”. 


I’m starting a business to teach people about personal security, gun safety, gun shooting skills and the online sale of gun accessories.  I’d honestly rather not work outside the home in any form because I believe my place is here, being with my children and teaching them life’s most important lessons.  Now is the time for that.  But, if I have to try to make money, I want to make those responsibilities as compatible with my life’s priorities as possible.  There will probably be other teaching or other counseling roles intermingled with the security classes. 


God seems to work things out in the end.  Sometimes the working out involves great sacrifice or suffering, that’s the hard part.  But sometimes it works out to have unexpected joy.  Sometimes both.


I have other responsibilities too.  I run a website that lists local, kid-friendly events, and I have a private e-mail list for The Henderson County 9-12 Project.  Haven’t written much there lately.  At this point, you have to aim your energies at the most effective tasks.  The situation in our country is so discouraging.  You need to tell yourself the truth.  You need to live in reality.  The reality is that we are failing as a nation.  We are failing to uphold the principles that our country was founded on and we can’t survive that way.  And, people are very apathetic.  Even people who believe we are in trouble are often not willing to inconvenience themselves to do the hard work of holding government accountable, communicating with officials and taking a stand against the things we know are wrong.  And then, it takes manpower to run an organization.  Computer work, writing, appointments, phone calls, research.  It takes willing workers and there aren’t many these days.  Discouraging. 


But as I look out my wonderful window and listen to the sounds of my happy 6 year old son now enjoying the movie, “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, part of our on-going household dog-movie marathon, I remember what I remember every day.  His mercies are new, every morning, His mercies are new.  There is hope and we have a new day today. 

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